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BRAZILIAN TEAL (Amazonetta brasiliensis)

©Nigel Key Brazilian Teal (Slimbridge May 2012)

The Brazilian Teal or Brazilian Duck, is a dabbling duck found in South America.

The Lesser Brazilian Teal (Amazonetta Brasiliensis Brasiliensis) and the Greater Brazilian Teal (Amazonetta Brasiliesis Ipecutiri) are both sub species of the Brazilian Teal which is the only duck of the Amazonetta genus.

The Greater Brazilian Teal used to be found in the Tropical House at Slimbridge.

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Conservation Status

350mm to 400mm (14" to 16")

Appearance - Male
The male has light Brown plumage with pale Grey on the head and sides of the neck and a Red bill. The legs and feet are also Red.

Appearance - Female
The female is similar to the male except it has duller plumage, a grey bill, a White patch above the eye, a White throat and duller legs and feet.

Freshwater with dense vegetation.

Seeds, Fruit, Roots and Insects.

Breeding Time
November to December and June to July.

The hen builds the nest in thick grass or vegetation.

Quantity: 6 to 12
Colour: Pale Cream.

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Brazilian Teal (WWT Slimbridge November 2013) - pic by Nigel Key Brazilian Teal (WWT Slimbridge November 2013) - pic by Nigel Key Brazilian Teal (WWT Slimbridge March 2014) - pic by Nigel Key
23/11/13 23/11/13 16/03/14
Brazilian Teal (WWT Slimbridge May 2012) - pic by Nigel Key Brazilian Teal (WWT Slimbridge May 2012) - pic by Nigel Key Brazilian Teal (WWT Slimbridge May 2012) - pic by Nigel Key
26/05/12 26/05/12 26/05/12
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Brazilian Teal
Breeding Habitat - South America
Uruguay, North and East Argentina, Paraguay, Central Venezuela, Brazil, North East Peru, Suriname, Guyana, French Guiana, East Bolivia, and Eastern Colombia.
Winter Habitat or Migration Area
Non Migratory.

WWT Slimbridge Location - Brazilian Teal
South America Zone - WWT Slimbridge
© Nigel Key South America Zone (WWT Slimbridge May 2015)

The Brazilian Teal can be found in the South America Zone, along with the following wildfowl:-
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Patagonian Crested duck
Red Shoveler
West Indian Whistling Duck
South America Zone (WWT Slimbridge)

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