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ROSS'S GOOSE (Anser rossii or Chen rossii)

©Nigel Key Ross's Goose (Slimbridge March 2011)

The Rossís Goose belongs to the Chen genus and is native to North America and Canada.

The Rossís Goose is similar to the Snow Goose in appearance except it is much smaller and has a more rounded head.
(Compare the two Geese.)

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Conservation Status

570mm to 640mm (22" to 25")

Appearance - Male
The male has White plumage with Black wing tips. The bill is light Red with a paler tip and warty area over the base of the basal area. The legs and feet are pale Red.

Appearance - Female
The female is similar to the male but slightly smaller.

Wetlands, Tundra and Farmland.

Grasses, Sedges and small Grain such as Wheat and Barley.

Breeding Time
Mid June.

The nest is built on the ground in vegetated areas usually in colonies mixed with Lesser Snow Geese.

Quantity: 3 to 8
Colour: Creamy White.

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Ross's Goose (WWT Slimbridge September 2010) - pic by Nigel Key Ross's Goose (WWT Slimbridge March 2011) - pic by Nigel Key Ross's Goose (WWT Slimbridge March 2011) - pic by Nigel Key
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