(Coscoroba Coscoroba)
Coot                  Crested Screamer

Pampas pen - Slimbridge
The Coscoroba Swan found in the Pampas Pen, SlimbridgeMap (Slimbridge)
South America
Breeding Habitat - South America
Southern Chile, central Argentina, Tierra del Fuego and Falkland Islands.
Winter Habitat or Migration Area
Migrates North to central Chile, Northern Argentina, Uruguay and the South East of Brazil.

Conservation Status

875mm to 1125mm (35" to 45")

Appearance - Drake
The male has mainly White plumage with Black tips on it outer primary feathers, Brown eyes, Red bill, pinkish Legs and feet.

Appearance - Duck
Similar to the male.

Its habitat is well-vegetated Swamps and Lagoons.

Grasses, Aquatic Vegetation, Aquatic Insects, Mussels and Fish.

Breeding Time
July to October

The nest is built from vegetation in the shape of a conical mound near water, in reeds or long grass. The mound has a slight depression which is lined with grasses and feathers from the female.

Quantity: 4 to 7.
Colour: Creamy White.

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Coot                  Crested Screamer
Coscoroba Swan
©Nigel Key Coscoroba Swan (Slimbridge October 2011)

The Coscoroba Swan is the smallest of the wildfowl called a ‘Swan’. It belongs to the subfamily Anserinae in the family Anatidae which includes ducks, swans and geese.

The Coscoroba Swan shows all attributes associated with the Anatidae family, the body is like a small swan, the head is like a goose and the bill is similar to a duck.
   Hear the Coscoroba Swan's Call:-

Photographs ©Nigel Key, Click thumbnail to enlarge.
Coscoroba Swan (Slimbridge July 2014) Coscoroba Swan (Slimbridge April 2015) Coscoroba Swan (Slimbridge April 2015)
Coscoroba Swan (Slimbridge July 2012) Coscoroba Swan (Slimbridge July 2013) Coscoroba Swan (Slimbridge July 2013)
Coscoroba Swan (Slimbridge October 2011) Coscoroba Swan (Slimbridge October 2011) Coscoroba Swan (Slimbridge July 2012)

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