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Dabbling Ducks
Dabbling Ducks (sub-family - Anatinae) consist of fifty to sixty species of duck which include Gadwall, Garganey, Mallard, Pintails, Shovelers, Teal, and Wigeon many of which can be seen at WWT Slimbridge.

Dabbling ducks feed mainly on vegetable matter at the surface of the water or upending, rather than diving. They are mostly gregarious preferring freshwater or estuaries and are strong fliers.

Dabbling ducks legs are further central than other types of duck enabling them to walk well on land and graze. Dabbling ducks tend to take flight when spooked or on the move and are able to take flight straight from the water, unlike divers which have to run across the water to gain momentum.

Dabbling Duck Comparisons
Some Dabbling Ducks are very similar to each other and to help aid identification the following comparisons have been made, click images to view:-

Red-Billed Teal / White-Cheeked Pintail

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