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   Dabbling ducks feed mainly on vegetable matter at the surface of the water or upending, rather than diving.
   They are mostly gregarious preferring freshwater or estuaries and are strong fliers.

   Dabbling ducks legs are further central than other types of duck enabling them to walk well on land and
   graze. Dabbling ducks tend to take flight when spooked or on the move and are able to take flight straight
   from the water, unlike divers which have to run across the water to gain momentum.
   There are many different species of Dabbling Duck found at WWT Slimbridge: -
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African Black Duck (Slimbridge 25/05/13) American Black Duck (Slimbridge 26/05/12) American Wigeon (Slimbridge 25/03/11)
African Black Duck
American Black Duck
American Wigeon
Australian Shoveler (Slimbridge 27/10/12) Australian Wood Duck (Slimbridge 06/07/13) Baikal Teal (Slimbridge 03/06/09)
Australian Shoveler
Australian Wood Duck
Baikal Teal
Blue Winged Teal (Slimbridge 24/03/12) Brazilian Teal (Slimbridge 15/08/11) Cape Teal (Slimbridge 01/10/11)
Blue Winged Teal
Brazilian Teal
Cape Teal
Chestnut Teal (Slimbridge 03/06/09) Chiloe Wigeon (Slimbridge 24/03/12) Cinnamon Teal (Slimbridge 25/05/13)
Chestnut Teal
Chiloe Wigeon
Cinnamon Teal
Eurasian Teal (Slimbridge 16/03/14) Eurasian Wigeon (Slimbridge 06/04/13) Falcated Duck (Slimbridge 26/05/12)
Eurasian Teal
Eurasian Wigeon
Falcated Duck
Freckled Duck (Slimbridge 12/10/08) Gadwall (Slimbridge 24/03/12) Garganey (Slimbridge 24/03/12)
Freckled Duck
Laysan Duck (Slimbridge 22/08/10) Madagascar Teal (Slimbridge 08/09/12) Mallard (Slimbridge 24/03/12)
Laysan Duck
Madagascar Teal
Northern Pintail (Slimbridge 24/03/09) Northern Shoveler (Slimbridge 06/04/13) Pacific Black Duck (Slimbridge 26/07/13)
Northern Pintail
Northern Shoveler
Pacific Black Duck
Phillipine Duck (Slimbridge 25/03/11) Puna Teal (Slimbridge 17/05/14) Red Billed Teal (Slimbridge 24/03/12)
Phillipine Duck
Puna Teal
Red Billed Teal
Red Shoveler (Slimbridge 25/03/11) Ringed Teal (Slimbridge 01/10/11) South Georgian Pintail (Slimbridge 04/09/13)
Red Shoveler
Ringed Teal
South Georgian Pintail
Spot Billed Duck (Slimbridge 26/05/12) White Cheeked Pintail (Slimbridge 04/06/11) Yellow Billed Duck (Slimbridge 01/10/11)
Spot Billed Duck
White Cheeked Pintail
Yellow Billed Duck